Coming of Age in Zweibrucken

It was a friendlier more peaceful time in 1959 when children played outdoors a lot and could walk to the store without an adult escort. People did not worry about locking their front doors and didn’t have to worry about kidnappers or drive-by shooters. Homeless people were called “hobos” and “winos” and Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower was about to relinquish the White House to Democrat John F. Kennedy. It was like “Tale of Two Cities;” it was the best of times and the worst of times.
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Parts and Labor Rock Star Wannabe

I was still in the Army when I returned from temporary duty in Ft. Collins, Colorado and had money left over from what I had taken with me. Our wooden floor-to-ceiling wall lockers in the barracks at Ft. Huachuca had hinges on one side and a padlock on the other. I put the money in my wall locker until I could deposit it in my bank account. While I was having dinner in the evening, Drexel Sterling, whose bunk was across from mine, removed the wall locker hinges and stole the money … More Parts and Labor Rock Star Wannabe